About Us

In the name of Allah, The most merciful, the most beneficial 
(Daily Roshni International) A Symbol of indiscriminate journalism

Daily Roshni is a modern and unique online newspaper which is engaged in bringing to light the problems and daily routines of Pakistanis not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The main purpose of Daily Roshni is to highlight the problems of the people and to reform the people

Aims and Objectives of Daily Roshni International

  • From the forum of Daily Roshni International, we are committed to represent every school of thought in the field of journalism without any discrimination.
  • Religious, spiritual, literary, cultural and political events of private gatherings and organizations of Pakistani community will be highlighted.
  • Daily Roshni International will play the role of a bridge to give access to the problems of the community to the authorities.
  • Every effort will be made to acquaint the youth of the community with the culture, literature and civilization of Pakistan.
  • The method of love and sincerity will be adopted to create an atmosphere of unity, solidarity and solidarity in the Pakistani community.
  • Dear country, we will continue to offer our services to keep the readers informed about the situation in Pakistan and the world from time to time.
  • Readers will also be kept informed of Dutch government policies, social, political and social news.
  • Daily Roshni International will assist the Pakistan Embassy in holland to highlight the policies and activities that are being formulated or changed in Pakistan.
  • Special coverage will be given to the women and men traders of the community and their trade will be promoted.
  • Women and men who selflessly and indiscriminately serve Pakistan and the community will be interviewed in the name of Fakhr-e-Pakistan.

Our Team

Ch. Zakir husssain
Team member
The Hague

Mian Muzafar hussain
team member
The Hague

Haji Jaweed Azeemi
Founder & Chef-editor
The Hague

Hareem Jamal Hamdani
Lady Reporter
The Hague

Robina Kosar
Lady Reporter

Sikandar khan
Numanda o Khusosi
The Hague

Gulam Azhar

M. Amir Siddique (Advocate)
Resident Editor

Asif Kamali
Sub Editor
The Hague

Muzamal Hussain
Bureau Chef

Muhammad Shoib
Bureau Chef

Jaweb Iqbal
Bureau Chef

Khalid Mehmood Azeemi
Resident Editor

Bilal Khalid

Maher Bashir
Bureau Chef

Syed Ali Jilani
Resident Editor

Skindar Chohan
Resident Editor

Shahid Mehmood Farooqi
Resident Editor